I welcome the opportunity to speak at your church, organization, or event. My spirit-led and Scripture-based messages and training sessions are designed to help hurting people find hope and comfort in Jesus by growing in their intimacy with Him, understand the roadblocks to spiritual freedom so they be released from emotional, relational, and behavioral bondage, and to help churches disciple and minister to the suffering.

Pray for the Cure Onsite Training Available Now!

Pastors and leaders, are you interested in starting a cancer healing and discipleship ministry in your church? According to the American Cancer Society, an estimated 1,688,780 people will hear the words, “You have cancer” in 2017. While studies show that most patients with advanced cancer feel religion is important, the majority say they receive little or no spiritual support from faith communities (Dana Farber, 2007). Over half of survivors believe the emotional consequences of cancer will always be part of their lives, even though the cancer may leave their bodies (Lance Armstrong Foundation, 2004).

As a cancer survivor in 2001, I founded Pray for the Cure at Hosanna! Church in Lakeville, MN to disciple and pray for others facing the challenges of a cancer diagnosis. Over the years, hundreds of people facing all types and stages of cancer have received biblical care and support through the Pray for the Cure ministry. Now, your faith community can be equipped to offer the same ministry through a one-day hands on Pray for the Cure workshop. Prayer ministers in your church will learn:

  • The unique practical and spiritual challenges faced by those diagnosed with cancer and seeking healing.
  • Common mindsets that may be barriers to physical, emotional, and spiritual healing and how to overcome.
  • The role of discipleship in ministering to people facing a cancer diagnosis and living life as a survivor.
  • Practical prayer and discipleship strategies for ministering to people before, during, and after treatment.
  • Tools and resources for establishing and sustaining a Pray for the Cure ministry in your church.

To learn more, contact me at mary@maryjnelson.com.

Other examples of possible speaking topics:

Pray for the Cure: The Faith Factor Unpacked
The scientific literature has numerous studies documenting that cancer patients have better outcomes when they practice faith and prayer. Learn 7 common misconceptions about faith and healing and the role of the medical and faith communities in caring for the whole person–body, soul, and spirit.

Even Your Hairs Are Numbered
God’s hope and encouragement for women battling breast and other cancers.

More Than a Drug Store Jesus
What it means to abide in Jesus and be in a full time relationship with a full time God.

How to Survive the Refining Fire Without Getting Burned
Overcoming the common obstacles that can keep you from experiencing God in the midst of trials.

Forgiveness: The Path to Spiritual Freedom
How choosing a lifestyle of forgiveness can release you from bondage and break down the barriers to intimacy with God.

Idols of the Heart
Unpacking the Biblical foundations and the modern day subtleties of idolatry so you can keep God first and stay in spiritual alignment.

The Fear Factor
Understanding your fears, identifying the source, and overcoming them so you can walk in spiritual freedom.

The Full Meal Deal
Learning how to walk in the fullness of salvation Jesus won for you on the cross: forgiveness for the spirit, healing for the body, and deliverance for the soul.

The Father’s Love
Understanding the nature of God, your need for love, and how only He can fill the void.

Sons and Daughters of the King
Knowing that your identity, acceptance, security, and significance comes through Christ alone.

Stepping into Your Destiny
Encouragement to step into your destiny instead of spending a lifetime lingering on the border of your promised land.

The Art of Soaking
Learn how to quiet your soul and draw close to God when you are spiritually dry, hurting, searching for answers, or simply want a deeper intimacy with your Heavenly Father.

A custom message can be designed based on your needs and interests.
Contact me at mary@maryjnelson.com to learn more.