Peace for Each Hour

Spiritual Freedom for Cancer Survivors

Peace for Each Hour
Soterion, 2018

For cancer survivors who successfully complete treatment, living with the fear of recurrence and facing an uncertain future are the greatest emotional challenges. Waiting for the next check up or having a simple headache or backache can unleash possibilities that send a survivor into an emotional tailspin.

If you are one of the nearly 12 million cancer survivors in the United States today, or one of the two million women living on the other side of breast cancer, Peace for Each Hour offers hope, encouragement, and spiritual freedom. Instead of simply coping with life as a survivor, it will help you overcome fear so you can put cancer behind you and live victoriously. You will encounter God’s goodness in the aftermath of your health crisis, and learn to steward your healing so you can know your identity in Christ, walk in the freedom He won for you on the cross, and be empowered to live out your destiny.


Peace for Each Hour might be the most encouraging book you’ll ever read. What happens in you is more important than what happens to you!  For all who need to strengthen themselves in the Lord, this book is for you.”
¬Leif Hetland
President of Global Mission Awareness and author of Seeing Through Heaven’s Eyes

“Mary writes with the voice of experience and the heart of compassion.  She not only has a way with words, but she is intimately acquainted with the Word.  So, again and again, her insights and wisdom offer encouragement and hope to survivors.  Not just cancer survivors, but any who have come through the storms of life.”
-Bill Bohline
Lead Pastor, Hosanna!

Peace for Each Hour is another masterpiece from Mary J. Nelson. Every page of it is filled with compassion, hope, and courage, an invitation for all to experience God’s goodness and unfailing grace in the midst of pain, weaknesses, and discouragement. I highly recommend this book to all church leaders, counselors, and those who are going through ‘the valley of the shadow of death’. The breath of God is on it. It tackles the topic of divine healing holistically, not as a theological discourse, but as an overflow of an honest straight-from-the-heart relationship with the Loving Father.”
-Paul Yadao
Lead Pastor, Destiny Ministries International

“The book was loaded for me personally and as a pastor with useful strategies and mindsets that will help me coach others to win in whatever circumstances they may be challenged with. Not unlike the Christian Classic My Utmost for His Highest by Oswald Chambers, it may also be one of the finest seminal books I have seen for preaching topics on the Kingdom of God!”
-Tim Hatt
Kingdom Expansion Pastor, Hosanna!

“Mary J. Nelson has written another awesome book of encouragement to share with the multitudes of people whose lives are forever impacted by a cancer diagnosis.  I have a twofold interest in this book: as Pastor of Care at a large church we encounter families daily in need of courage and hope, and, personally I have survived ovarian, liver, and kidney cancer. We all search for and desire His peace rather than our fear. We hear of recurrences, surgeries, and treatments as well as live daily life alongside of others who do not win their personal earthly cancer battle.  True peace is found in God’s promises and the personal examples of others as shared in this book bringing emotional strength we all need to live a fruitful, happy, and peace-filled life.  I look forward to not just enjoying this peace for myself but passing it on to many others in Peace for Each Hour.”
-Pat Moe
Care Ministries Pastor, Hosanna!

“Mary J. Nelson knows firsthand how hard it can be to overcome the oppression of illness and adversity.  In Peace for Each Hour she shares brief words of encouragement that will help maintain focus on spiritual, emotional, and physical wholeness. I strongly recommend this book as an inspiration to anyone who needs to remember how big God really is.”
-Pastor Kristi Graner
Director, Dare To Believe Ministries and Regional Director, International Bethel Sozo

“A wonderful read from beginning to end.  A journey with bumps in the road to the street of victory.  I personally felt her struggles, her feelings.  I could feel her hands clutching to the hem of His garment. Whatever your trial, this book will encourage you and cause you to keep your hand to the plow.  A blessing to read Peace for Each Hour.”
-Rev. Elaine C. Bonn
Director & President, Healing Center International and Minnesota Director, International Association of Healing Rooms

“In Peace for Each Hour, Mary J. Nelson has written a devotional resource that is saturated with the literal word of God, pregnant and very richly anointed with the Holy Spirit. She allows the Word of God to speak for itself, while guiding the reader to the streams of living water and encouraging them to draw and drink that living word of healing, comfort, and faith. The stories are touching, short and to the point, making the reader feel as if they are in someone’s home around their kitchen table listening to their deep and sincere struggles, stories, and testimonies.”
-Dr. Gemechis Buba
Missions Director for the North American Lutheran Church and International Teacher, Preacher, and Leadership Consultant

“Mary J. Nelson has written an excellent book that will help patients walk through their illness and beyond. Through her book they will see that their identity is in Christ and not in the diagnosis they have been given. Putting their ultimate trust in the Great Physician will help them conquer their illness.  The scientific literature has numerous studies documenting that cancer patients have better outcomes when they practice faith and prayer. Peace for Each Hour is an excellent book to help patients integrate their faith with their medical treatment.”
-Theodore J. Sawchuk MD, FACS
Urologic Surgeon, Fargo, ND


“The days — and even hours — before, during, and after treatment for cancer call for the good news of the Gospel to overwhelm the bad news of the diagnosis. Nelson (Grace for Each Hour), associate pastor at a 6,000-member Minnesota church and a cancer survivor, approaches these 90 meditations without doubt that Jesus is sovereign over her life. Each entry starts with a Bible verse, is beaded with examples from Scripture, and ends with a prayer addressed to “Father.” The author focuses on survivors’ common fear that breast cancer will return; however, after her own bout in 1999, Nelson chooses to live with certainty, with Jesus, with hope; she exhorts other survivors to do the same. She considers issues such as how believers deal with non-believers; how God reveals Himself through the cancer; and how illness is the enemy crowned by Satan and easily succumbed to without the fortress that is God. Nelson writes not only with direct access to God’s love but also with the assurance promoted by one experience. It will prove most useful to those who share her theology.” — Publishers Weekly

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