Praying for the Cure

Powerful Prayers for Healing from Cancer

prayingforthecure-booksmPraying for the Cure: A Powerful Prayer Guide for Comfort and Healing From Cancer
Shiloh Run Press, 2016

Prayer opens worlds of possibilities—but many people still struggle to pray.  This book offers solid biblical reasons to talk to God and specific prayer starters to guide you in prayer for healing from cancer.  Comforting and encouraging topics such as: His Will, His Grace, His Mercy, His Voice, His Timing, His Provision, His Presence, and His Glory, will help draw you ever closer to the Ultimate Healer, Jesus Christ.



“When your ‘mission is remission’ like mine, prayer is the prescription. Read Praying for the Cure through every treatment, every challenge, every tear, and every triumph, and be reminded that God’s love is sufficient to cover any diagnosis.”
—Pat Williams, Senior Vice President of the Orlando Magic, author, speaker, cancer survivor

“I never asked for the label of Common Trauma Expert; however, God knew from the beginning that He would provide a powerful purpose through my pain. This is why I appreciate Praying for the Cure. Mary J. Nelson offers cancer patients, their families, and frankly any of us who experience adversity, a unique form of hope and encouragement. Her transparent conversations with God, shared in a fresh style of back and forth dialogue between she and our adoring Father, will inspire you. If you want to know what God really thinks about this dreaded illness and those struck by its insidious tentacles, you must read Praying for the Cure—the truth may surprise you.”
—Anita Agers Brooks, Inspirational Business/Life Coach, International Speaker, Award-Winning Author of Getting Through What You Can’t Get Over and Other Published Titles

“Mary Nelson’s Praying for the Cure is exceptional! It is a beautiful book of prayer that offers biblical hope, comfort, and strength to anyone battling cancer. Mary, a survivor herself, is dedicated to helping others who find themselves in the midst of this journey. . . . Praying for the Cure will restore your trust and faith in Jehovah-Rapha, the God who heals. Be encouraged and uplifted as you enter into the loving presence of the Ultimate Comforter. Then may you say. . .‘It is well with my soul.’ ”
—Sue Johnson, Pray for the Cure Prayer Minister, Hosanna! Lutheran Church and 16-Year Breast Cancer Survivor

“Mary Nelson speaks from her own experience, and from her experience in praying with many others, when she encourages you to believe that God can bring you healing from cancer. This book is a conversation between God, scripture, and you. When the fatigue, the confusion, and the busyness of dealing with cancer treatment make it difficult to pray, or when cancer challenges your faith, this book will help you put words to your prayers as you seek to connect with God. May this book strengthen your trust in God as He walks with you through—and beyond—your experience of cancer.”
—Carol Peters-Tanksley, M.D., D.Min., OB-Gyn Physician, Ordained Christian Minister, Author of Dr. Carol’s Guide to Women’s Health

“In Mary Nelson’s book, Praying for the Cure, we are reminded that when it comes to God, we are never alone. As I experienced my own battle with cancer, I knew I wanted and needed to keep God close. I longed to hear His voice, and I wanted to talk to Him in return. But sometimes it was hard to know how to do that. Fear and doubt would enter my thoughts, creating ‘static’ on my lifeline to God. Praying for the Cure provides the perfect resource for clearing away the ‘noise’ that keeps us from connecting with the Father. In this beautifully written book, Mary Nelson creates a dialogue with God in every chapter. We receive an intimate message from the Father and also have a guide to the prayers we can share with Him in return. This is an excellent addition to the collection of books written by Mary Nelson. We are all blessed because of Pastor Mary’s obedience to God’s call on her life.
—Kris Bowe, Cancer Survivor, Pray for the Cure Participant, and Prayer Minister

“Based on her own life story and her experience ministering to others, Mary has created a beautiful gift for those diagnosed with cancer. She not only guides us on a journey of hope but lifts us above our circumstances through the truths of Scripture and an intimate relationship with God. Many lives will forever be changed through the tender and profound wisdom in this book!”
—Julia Holtze, Adult Ministries Pastor, Hosanna!

“Mary Nelson once again has captured the art of bringing God’s promises to life for anyone experiencing cancer or other serious health challenges of any kind. As a three-time cancer survivor (ovarian, kidney, and liver) and Care Pastor of a larger congregation, I cannot say enough about the hope, love, peace, clarity, empowerment and healing the book offers a cancer sufferer, a supportive friend or family member or anyone helping them medically or spiritually. When things in life are out of our control, God Himself can bring a powerful peace, filling us with trust instead of fear. The personalization of His Word and grace successfully turns an unknown future into a journey through every phase of life through His strength.”
—Pat Moe, Care Ministries Pastor, Hosanna! Church, Lakeville, MN

“Pastor Mary Nelson writes out of her personal experience, not untested theory or theology. She has boldly ‘prayed for the cure’ with thousands of brokenhearted and feeble-bodied people dealing with the daunting realities of cancer. Physical healing or not, her writing and ministry produce the greatest fruit of all: fortified faith and healed souls.”
—Ryan Alexander, Lead Pastor of Hosanna! Church, Lakeville, MN

“As a surgeon, I see patients daily in various stages of their cancer journey. The shock and despair of a cancer diagnosis can be overwhelming. Mary Nelson, in her new book Praying for the Cure, provides patients with a biblically-based guide to help them through their journey with cancer. The typical questions patients have such as, “Why did I get this disease?,” “Is God punishing me?,” and “Where is God in this illness?” are all beautifully addressed with prayer and scriptures. Patients start their journey with fear and questions but can finish it with hope and a new understanding of God’s love for them after reading through the book. I would recommend Praying for the Cure for any believer dealing with cancer or any serious illness or circumstance. The book contains good advice for dealing with life.”
—Theodore Sawchuk M.D., F.A.C.S, Urologic Surgeon, Co-founder Burning Hearts Ministry, Fargo, ND

“Mary Nelson wrote her new book straight from Heavenly Father’s Heart. Those who read, declare, and believe the truths in her book will go from misunderstanding and doubt about God’s love and perfect plans to a place of belief, healing, and restoration. Mary’s book is not only for those struggling with cancer but also for anyone going through a trial!”
—Mark and Kathy Strandjord, Cofounders of Spirit of Hope Ministries

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