Grace for Each Hour

Hope for Every Woman Who Hears the Words “You Have Breast Cancer”

Grace for Each Hour: Through the Breast Cancer Journey
Bethany House, 2005

More than 250,000 women in the United States will be diagnosed with breast cancer this year. If you’re one of them, this book will encourage, support, and guide you through the diagnosis and treatment, and then help prepare you for life as a cancer survivor. Wherever you are in the journey through cancer, each meditation will point you toward God, His Word, and the healing only He can provide.



“Just like Mary in the Bible, Mary Nelson has learned to sit at the feet of Jesus. As a breast cancer survivor she has walked through the valley and knows the feelings and fears. For those on a similar journey, her words will bring humor and hope, peace and power. Her counsel will seem so personal and will provide a measure of grace for each hour.”
–Bill Bohline
Lead pastor, Hosanna! Lutheran Church

“Tender and inspiring, Grace for Each Hour offered divine strength and hope when cancer touched my own family a second time. An important book!”
–Beverly Lewis
Author of The Sacrifice and The Prodigal

“Mary J. Nelson, a truly remarkable individual, takes you on a journey of growing faith in the face of crisis. This is an exquisitely written book about the strength of faith in helping pass through a time of fear, confusion, and physical weakness. Well done and a good read for anyone.”
–John H. Brown
M.D. Medical Oncologist

“Any woman who has or has had breast cancer will relate to Mary’s open and honest accounts of her personal experience. Reading this book reminds me that God is always with me. The words lessen my fears and strengthen my faith.”
–Elaine Buechner
Breast cancer survivor


“…a wonderful resource for any woman going through the physical, emotional and spiritual struggle while dealing with this disease.” — Rachel Lower,

“It is an unforgettable work, one forever etched in my heart … that helped me with some long overdue healing.” — Christian Book Previews

“these lessons are equally teachable with any kind of suffering… [a] well-written and comforting book…” — CBA Marketplace Feb. 2005 © CBA MARKETPLACE Official Publication of CBA. Reprinted by permission

Reader Testimonies

To be transformed through the power of the Holy Spirit while going through the fiery furnace is a true miracle.  I feel like I am the main character in Grace for Each Hour because I share so many of the thoughts and feelings. I have one more chemo left and I have truly experienced the grace of God.  I was a “carnal” Christian but through God’s grace and mercy, I now know my true worth in the eyes of God.  He loves me and cares for me. —J.L.

I cannot begin to express to you what your book, Grace for Each Hour, has meant to me.  I am in year two of the battle with metastatic breast cancer and on my second time through your book.  I am amazed at how God uses each page on the very day that I need to hear those words spoken to me.  It has been a huge encouragement to me.—L.D.

After my mastectomy, I found Grace for Each Hour was the most helpful of the many books I read. I have decided to use it again for my prayer time. I trust God will change me into a new person as I pray through the reflections in the book one day at a time. I need something to hang on to – a structure to get through the tiredness, grief, frustration, and depression. I so want the Lord to use this journey to make me much more surrendered and draw me closer to Him and His purposes for my life! —C.M.

When I was diagnosed last year, Grace for Each Hour helped me get through some of my darkest hours.  It touched on just about every feeling and emotion I had while going through the “journey.”  A co-worker of mine was diagnosed recently, I lent her my copy. She said it has blessed her more than she could imagine!  Praise God for His faithfulness.—M.D.

I am now a breast cancer survivor finishing up the last part of my journey with the radiation treatments. Grace for Each Hour made me laugh, made me cry buckets, touched my heart tremendously, and brought me closer to my Lord. I have now finished it and am on my second reading.—J.G.

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