Jehovah-Rapha: The God Who Heals

Healing for Your Body, Soul, and Spirit

jehovarapha-bookrcoversmJehovah-Rapha: The God Who Heals
Shiloh Run Press, 2016

If you’re on a quest for physical, emotional, or spiritual healing, these 72 comforting and encouraging meditations will point you to God, the Ultimate Healer. After each meditation, a passionate prayer for healing will help guide you as you pray the healing scriptures into your personal situation, and renew your hope in the Father and His goodness and grace.  Woven throughout are compelling true stories–both biblical and modern–of God’s healing power at work, leading you to discover that He is all you’ll ever need.



Jehovah-Rapha: The God Who Heals is an extraordinary collection of stories and meditations on healing. Mary J. Nelson has an intimate knowledge of pain and how to deal with it. This book will give you hope, healing, and—best of all—a closer and sweeter relationship with God.”
–Dr. David Clarke, Christian psychologist, speaker, and the author of The Top Ten Most Outrageous Couples of the Bible and I Don’t Want a Divorce

“Mary Nelson has experienced God as Healer herself, and that shows through in this book. The way Mary tells stories of those in the Bible who came for healing, and of those experiencing God’s healing touch today, helps the reader realize that Jehovah-Rapha is not just a name that God used to describe Himself long ago; it’s also how He seeks to interact with His children today. May this book increase your faith and trust in Jehovah-Rapha and His healing in your own life—physically, emotionally, and spiritually.”
–Carol Peters-Tanksley, M.D., D.Min., OB-Gyn physician, ordained Christian minister, author Dr Carol’s Guide to Women’s Health

Jehovah-Rapha is a hike through the hearts and stories of many who engaged [our] healing God and tasted the power which restores broken life. This book is not a stroll; it is a journey. Are you up for it?”
–David Housholder
Orange County, California
Author of The Blackberry Bush, and Seven Secrets of a Meaningful Life

“Mary Nelson is an artist with her words. She takes you into one Bible scene after another. You understand the setting and you feel the emotions, the hurt, the need. And then your eyes are drawn to The Healer who gives each person just what they need. Mary continues with other scenes, other stories: Ryan’s, Diane’s, Sandy’s. Today’s people with the same needs and hurts. And the same Healer touches each one of them. Be comforted, be amazed, be inspired. Mary’s book will restore your hope and faith in Jehovah-Rapha, the God who heals.”
–William R. Bohline
Founding Pastor, Hosanna! Lutheran Church
Author, It’s Sunday, But Monday’s Comin’

“As with all her books, Mary has a wonderful way of taking real-life stories and drawing the reader into thoughtful, biblical meditation and prayer. As partners in the ministry of the healing of spirit, soul, and body, we find the story-based meditations and prayers in Jehovah- Rapha: The God Who Heals to be a wonderful and comforting addition to our ministry and plan on having them on hand to share with all we encounter in our travels.”
–Pastor Mike and Julie Swecker, Time to Revive—Prayer and Freedom Ministries, Dallas, Texas

“We were deeply moved by Jehovah-Rapha: The God Who Heals. . . . With divine inspiration, Mary eloquently intertwined God’s Word, heartfelt testimonies, and powerful prayers to establish a life-changing devotional. Jehovah-Rapha not only blessed us, it has found a permanent place in our home. We are convinced Jehovah-Rapha will bring greater faith and healing to multitudes. This book will be transformational for all who read it.”
—Mark & Kathy Strandjord, Co-founders of Spirit of Hope Ministries

“Mary Nelson skillfully presents bite-sized readings utilizing scripture, wise insights, and prayer. Jehovah-Rapha allures the reader with glimpses of the remarkable God who changes lives.”
—Kristi Graner, MA  Founding Director of Dare To Believe Ministries and Regional Director, Bethel Sozo

“Writing out of a depth of experience in seeking God’s heart during her intense battle against cancer, Mary Nelson brings out in every page life-giving streams from the very heart of God flowing with hope, faith, and love. Her personal victory over sickness is a powerful testimony of God’s love and power available to all. I can hear God’s ‘still small voice’ calling me to pursue greater things in His kingdom through the Bible stories and the testimonies written in this book.”
—Paul Yadao, Author, Speaker & Lead Pastor of Destiny Ministries International

“Jesus stated, ‘I am willing, be healed!’ This statement emphatically declares that healing is the will of God, Jehovah-Rapha is His name. Mary J. Nelson wrote this great book to connect the healing hand of God with the suffering life of humanity. Reading and meditating on these story-based meditations and prayers will surely bring hope, healing, and renewal of life.
—Rev. Dr. Gemechis Desta Buba, President of Leadstar College, Director of Leadstar Television, Worldwide Preacher and Teacher on Biblical Leadership

“Mary’s high-impact writing is so rich with the truth of God’s Character, His Word, His will to heal, as well as unveiling for the reader His provision and power to heal. The Holy Spirit is all over this book! It must be put into the hands anyone who needs healing, and it needs to be read by all who minister in healing.”
—Jim and Ramona Rickard, Founders IAHM, International Association of Healing Ministries/Founders, RAIN—Resurrection Apostolic International Network

“Every once in a while a book comes along that you just know is going to have a powerful and far reaching impact. This is one of those books! Mary J. Nelson has written a book filled with truth, faith, hope, God stories, personal experience, and amazing revelation. As you begin the journey through these pages, get ready to encounter Jehovah-Rapha, the God who heals.”
—Leif Hetland, Author of Seeing Through Heaven’s Eyes

“There are those who are considered knowledgeable because they’ve studied. Then there are those whose expertise is born out of experience. Finally, there are those who possess that rare authority which comes from both fire-tested personal experience and the passionate pursuit of truth. Pastor Mary Nelson possesses this authoritative voice when it comes to the topic of healing. As a good theologian, in Jehovah-Rapha: The God Who Heals she stretches us beyond the previous limits of our understanding and comfort—to a place where only faith will do. As a good pastor, she doesn’t pretend to have easy or trite answers to some of life’s most difficult questions. Instead, Pastor Mary Nelson points us to Jesus as the true source of comfort and healing.”
—Ryan Alexander, Lead Pastor of Hosanna! Church, Lakeville, MN

“In her new book Mary Nelson boldly proclaims through well-known historical, biblical stories and her personal eye-witness accounts that, ‘We live in an open universe where God, the all powerful Spirit, is interacting with all of His creation; healing and restoring all things in His goodness!’ Thank you, Mary, for so skillfully and personally reimagining for us the possibilities in Jehovah-Rapha: The God Who Heals.”
—Tim Hatt, Kingdom Expansion Pastor of Hosanna! Church, Lakeville, MN

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