When you hear the words, “You have cancer…..”

praying for the cureMy child, you are not alone. I have never once taken my eyes off you. I cried the first tear when you heard those words and I am no stranger to your pain. My heart breaks that you must embark on this unexpected journey. Right now, you face an important decision. You can travel through this dark valley alone, armed only with the world’s weapons to fight against this cancer. Or, you can invite Me to go along with you and let Me light your way.

When you invite me into this journey, I promise to make My presence known to you. I will flood your heart with light so you can understand the wonderful future I have in store for you. My child, this cancer didn’t come from Me and it was not My plan for your life. But if you take my hand, I promise to lead you to a place a intimacy with Me you have never known before; a place you could never go on your own power.

Child, My love for you is endless and unfailing and My Word is your best weapon against this enemy. In My Kingdom where I rule and reign, there is no cancer and all things are possible. To make a way for you, I gave you a priceless gift. I gave up My rights as God and came to earth to share My message of hope and reveal My compassion for the sick and the lost. My child, I am a good God and I have good plans for you. My will for your life is perfect and I have given you a personal Savior, My Spirit, to guide you along the way. Through this journey, you must remember My power is not bound by worldly limitations. My grace made it possible for you to live with Me forever. In spite of your falls and failures, My tender mercies start fresh every day. Child, hear My gentle voice as we commune together in prayer, and experience My faithfulness as you trust in My promises. I will cover you with a peace that is not of this world, and make you My righteousness. Yes, child, I am your Healer and I am sovereign over your journey toward wholeness. You can find rest in the secret place of My presence where no evil can touch you. I will be your provider through this unexpected journey and show you My glory.prayingforthecure-booksm

My child, take My hand. Come into the light and let Me lead you through this dark valley of cancer and all the twists and turns along the way. When you reach the other side of the valley, I promise you will not be the same person who began this journey. You will be a reflection of Me. You will carry the same light that led you through the darkness, an irresistible light that will attract others into your glow. My child, I am yours. I am your Heavenly Father who created you, the Son who died for you, and the Holy Spirit who dwells within you. I am the Lord your God and you are never alone. You are mine forever.

Excerpted from Praying for the Cure: A Powerful Prayer Guide for Comfort and Healing From Cancer by Mary J. Nelson; Copyright© 2016; ISBN 1634092015; Published by Shiloh Run Press; Unauthorized duplication prohibited.

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