A Prayer for Healing from Cancer

prayer1Lord, thank you that your spirit lives in the heart of every believer. Holy Spirit, take every thought captive and assume your rightful place as ruler over my thoughts and mind! Please help me to push all the cancer clutter and commotion aside so I can receive all that you have for me.

Lord, you made me in your image. Thank you that I am perfectly and wonderfully made and cancer was never your plan for my life. Lord, I break off the trauma caused by this diagnosis in Jesus name! I declare that the enemy no longer has the right torment me and that no weapon formed against me will prosper. I break off every lie and word curse that does not align with your truth:

I may have been told that I have cancer, but I declare that I have been healed by His wounds (1 Peter 2:24).

I may have been told the cancer is aggressive or worse, but I declare that nothing is impossible for You (Luke 1:37).

My doctor may have predicted a discouraging prognosis or a limited life span, but I declare that He will satisfy me with a long life (Psalm 91:15-16).
Lord, when I pray the prayer you taught us, I pray that your will be done, here on earth as it is in heaven. Lord, there is no cancer in heaven so there can be no cancer here! I call heaven into this place and release healing over my body, soul, and spirit, in Jesus name.

In the name of Jesus, I speak to the cancer cells that have invaded my body. I curse them and command them to die. Lord, please bring my immune systems, cells, and all body organs back into perfect alignment with your original plan.

In Jesus name, I release my body from the effects of this cancer, today and forever. Thank you Lord, that you are Jehovah Rapha, the God who heals ALL our diseases. Amen.

Praying for the Cure


Are you or someone you love struggling with a cancer diagnosis and unsure how or what to pray? If so, I wrote this book of powerful prayer starters just for you.  You can click on the cover image for more information or to purchase a copy for yourself or as a gift for a friend. Take His hand and let Him lead you through the dark valley of cancer. Let Him reveal to you the great and remarkable secrets you do not know. And if He blesses you through His words of  truth and the passionate prayers you find in this book, please drop me a line and let me know.

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